by David Feintuch

If, like me, you are a fan of the Horatio Hornblower novels by C S Forester then there is a good chance you will love this science fiction series as well. The hero, Nicholas Seafort, is basically Hornblower transported to the command of space ships. All of his character traits are evident but does he go too far at times?.

Midshipman's Hope Midshipman’s Hope
When a hideous accident kills the senior officers of UNS Hibernia, it leaves a terrified young officer to save 300 colonists and crew aboard a damaged ship, on a 17-month gauntlet to reach the colony of Hope Nation. With no chance of rescue or reinforcement, Nicholas Seafort must overcome despair, exhaustion and guilt. He must conquer malfunctions, mutiny and an alien horror beyond human understanding. And he must save lives, and take them - in the name of duty.
Challengers Hope Challenger’s Hope
An alien attack and an admiral's betrayal leave a wounded Commander Nicholas Seafort stranded aboard a doomed ship of arrogant colonists and hostile street children. His crew is rebellious, his ship short of weapons, fuel and food - easy prey for the alien predators now massing to attack.

Only Nick Seafort's will stand between his charges and violent death. But is he merely postponing their end?

Prisoner's Hope Prisoner’s Hope
Assigned to Hope Nation while recovering from injuries, Captain Nicholas Seafort is appointed liaison to the wealthy planters of the verdant colony planet. But, reeling from a savage alien attack, the UN space flotilla flees homeward, and the colonists seize their moment to rebel. His beloved wife and closest friends gone, Seafort must halt a revolution and rally the ravaged colony against the inhuman invaders.

But to save the world, Nicholas Seafort must forsake his vows - and commit an unthinkable, suicidal act of high treason.....

Fisherman's Hope Fisherman’s Hope
Naval Academy Commandant Nicholas Seafort is a legend to the masses, an idol to his hundreds of teen cadets. They don't see the tormented soul of a man who believes that merciless duty has led him to betray every friend he ever loved, every ideal he ever cherished. After a lifelong ordeal, Seafort needs time. Time to reflect. Time to heal.

Instead he is pulled into a maelstrom of crisis, corruption and danger as the helpless, unprepared Earth faces annihilation from a horde of alien attackers. Alone at the centre of a cosmic apocalypse, Nick Seafort must face his final battle... and his most unforgivable sin.

Voices of Hope Voices of Hope
After a lifetime spent risking everything to save mankind from interstellar predators, Nicholas Seafort is now an elder statesman in a world under threat from within. For the world is harshly divided into rich and poor. And the poor are becoming increasingly desperate.

As war looms, young Philip Seafort, Nicholas's son, plunges into the nightmare that is New York, a city doomed to die, to seek out his friend. For Nicholas, the race to save mankind from destroying itself has become personal - and urgent.

Patriarch's Hope Patriarch’s Hope
As UN GenSec, Nicholas Seafort is the most powerful man on Earth. Obsessed with honour and faith, he also remains driven by his own uncompromising sense of what is right.

Seafort has striven to protect humanity by diverting resources to ever larger, more heavily armed starships. But there has been a price - global ecological collapse has ravaged the Earth.

Even as Seafort, confronted with the results of his stubborn course, turns his attention to the growing calamity, an orbital assault threatens the future of all mankind

Children of Hope Children of Hope
The war against the aliens is over, and humanity has won - just. But the price has been high: the Earth's ecology has been shattered, her colonies all but abandoned and the galactic economy lies in ruins.

For the surviving colonists of Hope Nation there can be no promises of salvation from home. If they are to survive they must act quickly, but Nicholas Seafort knows that time is running out for the people of Hope - and even he may not be able to help them.

And as Hope Nation slides inexorably towards civil war, an old enemy returns.