One of the things that links many of the archaeoastronomy theories is the techniques used in ancient monuments. Many people who know nothing about the subject have heard discussions on how giant stones were lifted into position at sites like Giza & Stonehenge. The Great Pyramid includes granite blocks weighing 70 tons lifted 175 feet. Some archaeo-astronomers would argue that the civilisations were more advanced than we know, even postulating the use of power tools.

In the quarries at Aswan in Egypt there is an unfinished granite obelisk weighing 3000 tons, how was this to be moved and lifted?. Marks on it indicate it may have been drilled, however, granite is extremely hard and tools found which are contemporary to the period of the pharaohs are made of copper. Some experts contend from tool marks that other artefacts have been worked on a lathe or drilled with high speed drills.

Large granite boxes with removable lids are made to remarkable accuracy which would be difficult with primitive tools. The surfaces are perfectly flat to minute accuracy. With lids and edges exactly level you get a perfect seal.

I have even see it argued that some wall paintings in Egypt depict people using machines.