This page explains how to complete Dot-a-Pix interactive puzzles.

Dot-a-Pix puzzles can be played interactively on the computer, offering many features and advantages compared to pencil and paper. This section explains everything about how to play Dot-a-Pix Interactive.

Connecting the dots

Each puzzle consists of a collection of dots with clues next to each dot. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by connecting the dots in ascending order starting with 1 and ending with the highest number.



All game functions are accessed through the toolbar. For some toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcut keys are also available as listed below.

Zoom in

Zoom In

Enlarge small puzzles for best viewing on your screen.

Zoom out

Zoom Out

Reduce large puzzles for best fit on your screen.

Undo (Keyboard: U)


Go back as many steps in the game as you want.

Redo (Keyboard: R)


Go forward after using Undo as many steps as you want.

Restart puzzle

Restart Puzzle

Restart puzzle to solve from the beginning.

Check puzzle (Keyboard: C)

Check Puzzle

Check all filled and blanked squares for errors.



Show elapsed solving time.

Show solution

Show solution

Show solution of the puzzle. Using this button will also end the game.



Open Preferences dialog box. New preferences will be automatically saved on the computer.


  • Show conflicts: Check this box to automatically show conflicting number instances during the game. A conflicting number means it already exists in the same row, column or box.
  • Highlight selected number: Check this box to highlight squares in the puzzle which contain the selected number.
  • Highlight excluded squares: Check this box to highlight squares into which the selected number cannot be placed.
  • Font color: Select color of the placed numbers.



Open About dialog box to see puzzle size, difficulty, ID, title and other information.



Open Sudoku Interactive page you are reading now.

Print options

Print options 

Open Print dialog box. New print options will be automatically saved on the computer.

Print dialog box


  • Puzzle: Select to print puzzle.
  • Solution: Select to print solution.
  • Current state: Select to print current solution state.


  • Preferred image scale: Reduce or enlarge printout.
  • Attempt to reduce to page: Check this box to fit large puzzles on a single page. When this box is unchecked, large puzzles will print in multiple pages according to selected scaling.
  • Attempt to enlarge to page: Check this box to fit small puzzles on a whole page. When this box is unchecked, small puzzles will print according to selected scaling.
  • Select optimal orientation: Check this box to automatically select puzzle orientation.

Save puzzle (Keyboard: S)

Save puzzle

Save current state of the puzzle.

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